The Streets of Silicon Valley

It is a very daunting experience driving out of San Francisco Airport (SFO) for the first time. Driving on the wrong (opposite) side of the road. In a rental car. Turning onto the 101 Highway and seeing six lanes of traffic going in both directions. Everything on the road seems bigger and faster here. I honestly don’t know how one would navigate ones way to ones destination without a satellite navigation system or Google maps. 

The purpose of this page is to provide a guide to the significant roads and the cities of the Bay Area. For each road I will provide a map and a video of a drive along that road. Along each of the journeys I point out the cities that we pass, and the cost of housing to buy and to rent in each of these areas.  I will also provide information about the population, ethnic diversity, average income, crime rate and schools in each area. 

I will also post a walk through the “Downtown” areas of each of the cities that we pass while driving on the main roads of the Bay Area. Hopefully this will give an insight to the bars, restaurants and shops that you can find in each of the different cities.  

I hope that a picture emerges of how the roads intersect and the proximity of one neighbourhood to another. Although everything is quite compact and close together it can take time to get around as traffic can be a nightmare. 

The good news is that once you know where you are going you have Google maps or Waze and get used to their system then it is easy to get around. 

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