Things to Do

One of the things both residents and visitors alike say about California is “there is so much to do.” Whether it is free activities such as hiking, going to the beach and community concerts, or major sporting events and shows there is always something happening for all interests.
During the summer there are festivals, concerts, music in the park and even Shakespearian productions in the Downtown areas or public parks in most of the cities. Every weekend it is possible to check out and enjoy numerous farmer’s markets. There is also a multitude of diverse public parks that are perfect for family days out and picnics.

Vasona Park

Very many of these public parks are utilized by residents to go walking, jogging, or cycling. Some of these parks can lead to fantastic hiking trails. There are hiking trails for all levels of fitness, but even a gentle 25-30 minute hike can lead to the most amazing views of the Valley. There are plenty of mountains for the more the cyclists and hikers really looking to push themselves.

Girls on the Run Event
Shakespere in the Park, Cupertino

California is famous for its beaches. Although some of those natives to California, especially those from Southern Cal, complain about the water temperature, places like Santa Cruz are perfect for days at the beach and swimming. California is also a surfers paradise with an abundance of sites to catch the waves.

Surf Is Up
Carmel Beach

Of course, in wintertime, a drive of approximately four hours will have you at Lake Tahoe, where there are plenty of different ski resorts to check out. If the weather is bad or if you try going at one of the really busy periods, that four-hour drive may end up being 6 hours. But it is well worth the trip even for people who have never skied before.

Gondola ride, South Lake Tahoe

There are so many sports available in the Bay Area. Every strip mall seems to have a martial arts studio and a yoga studio. There are pick up basketball games and soccer games. Flag football is also popular. Children can play any sport they want. However, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, softball, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse seem to be popular. Look out for your local community pool- they will probably have a swim team and a real community spirit.
The Arts are well catered for too. There are music, dance, and drama schools aplenty. Both San Fransisco and San Jose have very nice theatres, and all the top Broadway shows make their way over here. While venues such as the SAP center, Levis Stadium, Avaya Stadium, and Mountain Winery often host concerts of majors stars from the past and the present. There is always something that you will want to see or experience.
There are also five professional sports teams in the Bay Area. Each of these sports provides a different experience, but one thing for sure is you will be entertained. There is also lots of golf. I discuss US sports and golf in different sections. In this section, I will share with you my experiences of some of the things that I have mentioned. I will guide through the pitfalls that we encountered as we tried to get to grips with the array of activities, and I will give my recommendations and ratings for each of the “things to do” as I found them.