Welcome to The Irish Guy. The purpose of this website is to provide information and observations about life in Silicon Valley from the point of view of an Irish immigrant. It covers topics as mundane as the choice of supermarkets and doctors to more important issues such as choosing where to live and how to choose a school. The goings on of day to day life will be documented and examined. The Bay area has teams in all the major sporting leagues and this site will provide a guide to those sports and teams.

There are also many great golf courses in Northern California- I will endeavour to try out and rate as many as I can for golfers thinking of coming either on business, on vacation or to live.

The site will deal with serious topics such as the US Presidential election and Brexit. Some of these articles will be well researched and long while others will be a more spontaneous and off the cuff commentary on current affairs.

A key feature of this site will be the videos of the Streets of Silicon Valley. These videos will take readers on a drive along the major roads of the Bay Area. This section will also take readers on a walk through the different “Downtowns” of the various cities that make up the Bay Area.

I will also use this space to reflect on the things that matter on the far side of the Atlantic Ocean. I hope to introduce people not familiar with Ireland to the world of GAA (The Gaelic Athletic Association). While I will also share my love for Liverpool F.C. as they chase their elusive 19th title. While my preview of the Premier League may make you some money if your state, unlike California, allows you to have a flutter (wager/bet) on the matches.

  • Coyote Creek (Tournament Course)
    This Jack Nicklaus Signature Course is a real challenge. It is an excellent course. Every hole has something to make you think and it is easy to find yourself in trouble. A good tee ball is essential. Tournament is one of the best courses in Silicon Valley. https://youtu.be/tc9VnPNtsZc
  • Why America is not great (Part 1)
    As we walked back to the car after I collected my daughter from school, she began telling me about her day. "We had a lockdown drill today, dad." "How was that?" I asked. "It sucks," was her reply. After I had a little chuckle to myself over her use of the Americanism, "it sucks" I … Read more
  • American Football or Rugby
    The Rugby World Cup was very disappointing for Irish supporters. We had beaten the All Blacks (New Zealand) twice out of the last three meetings. We hadn't beaten them in our history before the first of those two wins. Ireland had a well-respected coach, and the team had performed well enough to be ranked number … Read more
  • Socialised Medicine vs Private Insurance
    "Are people's teeth in Ireland as bad as the rest of the UK?", my child's larger than life dentist asked me. We were meeting him for a consultation to see if our daughter needed to get braces. He admitted that he was quite shocked at how crooked teeth were in the UK. He said it … Read more
  • Review of Premier League Game week 10
    There were some strange results this week that played havoc with my predictions. Due to these peculiar results, I only ended up with five correct predictions out of the ten games played. (1) Southampton vs Leicester City This was an extraordinary result. I thought Leicester would win, but I did not see a 9-0 scoreline. … Read more