Premier League

The Premier League is becoming increasing popular in the Bay Area. Even in the three years since I have arrived here I can see a visible increase in the number of people wearing Premier League jerseys (shirts). People are always interested and willing to talk “soccer” once they see you are wearing a teams colours. This is especially true of people I have met from Africa, South America and Europe. The Africans tend to be either Arsenal or Chelsea fans due to the number of African players that have played for these teams over the last 20 years or so. The Brazilians seem to have a fondness for Liverpool due to players such as Couthino, Firmino, Allision, and Fabinho. The Mexicans are more interested in the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Europeans tend to look out or know about teams that have players from their country. One Irish fella that I know supports Leeds but some things defy explanation!

O’Flattery’s pub is a popular Irish Bar in downtown San Jose. They show all the matches. A Liverpool supporters club meet up here each week to watch the game. This year I went down to watch the Champions League final. I was there a full hour before kick-off but it was already full to capacity with a queue (line) of about 20-25 people waiting to try and get in. We ended up in a bar called the Brit and once it was time for kick off it too was standing room only. The interest in soccer is obvious.

This section of the website will preview Premier league games the Friday before a Premier league weekend. Each game week I will give the reasons behind my match predictions. While every Monday I will review the weekends action.