Sit, Act and Vote- A Relic to a Bygone Era.

There was more controversy in Irish politics last week when two Green party ministers failed to vote with the new government that they have just agreed to support. A Fianna Fail TD, Willie O'Dea, was annoyed that the new Green ministers got away with a slight reprimand, a gentle slap on the wrist, and were … Continue reading Sit, Act and Vote- A Relic to a Bygone Era.


A Major Psychological Blow to Man Utd Fans

Liverpool are champions of everything. They are reigning European champions. They are reigning world club champions. And, most recently, they became English champions again. They achieved our holy grail after a long and, at times, painful 30-year wait. Reds all over the world rejoiced and celebrated this achievement. However, Liverpool's success has exposed deep psychological … Continue reading A Major Psychological Blow to Man Utd Fans

Ordinary Decent Republicans

It is difficult for many Europeans to understand the attraction of the Republican party for the American people. Trump is considered a laughing stock and someone not suitable for any public office. However, even before Trump, the Republican party seemed very extreme to people on the other side of the Atlantic. They are against providing … Continue reading Ordinary Decent Republicans

All Changed-Changed Utterly.A New Normal.

Everything has changed. It has happened very quickly. Things that were important no longer matter. The Premier League, the NBA, the Euro's, the golf (Masters, PGA tour, the Ryder Cup), and the Olympic games all centerpieces of the 2020 calendar are suspended, postponed, or canceled. Other major cultural and leisure activities have also not happened … Continue reading All Changed-Changed Utterly.A New Normal.