Cinnabar Hills (Canyon 9)

Cinnabar Hills is one of my favourite courses in the Silicon Valley. Three very different nine hole courses are available- Lake, Mountain and Canyon. This is a video of the Cannon Nine. Watch out for some fantastic views and the family of deer who were also enjoying themselves.

Review of Premier League Game week 10

There were some strange results this week that played havoc with my predictions. Due to these peculiar results, I only ended up with five correct predictions out of the ten games played. (1) Southampton vs Leicester City This was an extraordinary result. I thought Leicester would win, but I did not see a 9-0 scoreline. … Continue reading Review of Premier League Game week 10

Premier League Preview 18th October 2019

The Premier League is back after the latest international break. We can all now get back to some decent football about which we care. Of course, we love the Internationals during the big tournaments in the summer. Once the Premier League has finished, we can really get behind our national team and enjoy international football. … Continue reading Premier League Preview 18th October 2019

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Cinabar Hills Golf Course (Canyon 9) Cinnabar hills is one of my favourite cousres to play. It is a 27 hole course with three very differnt nines available. Any combination of the Lake, Mountain or Canyon courses creates an enjoyable and challeging golg outing. The video below is the Canyon 9 and was taken on … Continue reading Recent Posts