Donald Trump is Superman- The Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention was a very slick production. It was similar to the Oscars in terms of a professional entertainment program. The star of the show was President Donald Trump. It was pretty clear that Donald Trump is the Superman that America needs. Trump is the only person who could have made America great again. No one else could have saved the auto industry, the coal and steel industries, and American farms. Fishermen in the US have Trump to thank for the fish in the water and the price for their catch. Women need Trump to protect and help them. God needs Trump because if he is not president, there will be no religion. Workers need Trump, or there will be no jobs. Trump was tough on NATO nations forcing them to contribute more dollars to the alliance. Trump is a peacemaker- look at how he and Kim Jung Un are getting on. The Cult of Trump is real, and here it was playing on our televisions.

Since Trump came down the escalator to announce his candidacy, he has portrayed himself as a hard man. His supporters appreciated his no-nonsense, non-pc, telling it like it is, tough-guy image. However, now we learn that Donald is a kind, loving, and caring person. In fact, he is such a “Carebear” that he really is a big softie. Speaker after speaker assured us of the president’s kindness and of the goodness of his heart. They emphasized how much he cares about the American people and how he knows what’s best for them when he looks into his heart.

Speaker after speaker spoke of how Trump had saved Western Civilisation. People of faith gave thanks to God for sending Trump and thanked Trump for saving God. The theme of the convention was “faith, family, and freedom.’ Donald Trump, being portrayed as a man of faith and as a family man. It was beyond parody- You couldn’t make it up. They take the opposite of reality and claim it. The family man who is on his third wife- and who has cheated on them all. The family man that had an affair with a porn star as his third wife was giving birth to their son. The man of faith who couldn’t name a prayer or a passage from the bible and doesn’t attend any church. A truly alternative reality.

The two most prominent women who support Trump, Kayleigh McEnany and Kelly-Ann Conway, came out to bat for him. They tried to create an image of a kind-hearted, benevolent leader—a man of compassion. McEnany told a very personal story about her health and used a phonecall from Trump to gush about his kindness and compassion. Trump has never displayed any empathy or compassion for anyone. McEnany twists the truth and lies on a daily basis, so it’s difficult to take her story at face value. She was followed by “alternative facts” woman herself, Kelly-Ann Conway. Conway told America how Trump respects and promotes women. She made him sound like a radical feminist. Ignoring his track record of “grabbing women by the pussy’ and the many allegations of sexual assault and rape. Not to mention the many sexist and demeaning comments that he has made to and about women. These two women are dangerous. They turn black into white and night into day. Almost everything they say is the opposite of the truth. They are creating an alternative reality.

When Trump spoke, he tried to return to his strong man image-he explained how he was tough with China, with NATO, with big Pharma. Trump attacked Biden. He attacked socialism. He bragged and boasted. According to the President, he has done a great job on the virus-despite US having 25% of the deaths with only 4% of the world’s population. He spoke of a V-shaped economic recovery despite the economic hardship many Americans are facing. He repeats his talking points, his lies, to get his message out. He repeats himself again and again. The message is simple- only Donald Trump can save America. He is the superman that America needs. It’s crap- it’s based on nothing but falsehoods. Time will tell if it works, but America needs to end this nightmare now.


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