Review of Premier League Game week 10

There were some strange results this week that played havoc with my predictions. Due to these peculiar results, I only ended up with five correct predictions out of the ten games played.

(1) Southampton vs Leicester City
This was an extraordinary result. I thought Leicester would win, but I did not see a 9-0 scoreline. Leicester were sensational; however, Southampton offered no resistance whatsoever.
Prediction: Southampton 0 Leicester City 2. Away win.
Result: Southampton 0 Leicester City 9. Away win.

(2) Manchester City vs Aston Villa
As expected, this was a routine City win.
Prediction: Man City 3 Villa 1. Home win.
Result: Man City 3 Villa 0. Home win.

(3) Brighton vs Everton
A thrilling game and it looked like I had called it correctly again when Everton took the lead in the latter stages only to concede two late goals to lose the game. Typical Everton.
Prediction: Brighton 1 Everton 2. Away win.
Result: Brighton 3 Everton 2. Home win.

(4) Watford vs Bournemouth
A dull 0-0 game. Watford will be glad to have kept a clean sheet.
Prediction: Watford 1 Bournemouth 1. Draw.
Result: Watford 0 Bournemouth 0. Draw

(5) West Ham United vs Sheffield Utd
When I first checked the scores, all my predictions were up. Leicester had won, City were cruising, Everton were winning, Watford and Bournemouth were drawing, and West Ham were in front. I wished that I could cash out at that point, but I didn’t have access to my Paddy Power account. Then Sheffield Utd scored and Everton were Everton.
Prediction: West Ham 1 Sheffield Utd 0. Home win.
Result: West Ham 1 Sheffield Utd 1. Draw

(6) Burnley vs Chelsea
They say that you should not check the table until after game ten. Well after game ten Chelsea have proved to be a proper team. I have not given Frank Lampard enough credit for the exciting brand of football they are playing. For the first time in almost two decades, Chelsea are almost a likeable team. Their manager is a nice guy, and they are playing good football. But they still have the same owner and their plastic fans. They look like they could join Leicester and the big two in the top four. The idea that Burnley are a difficult team to play is overstated.
Prediction: Burnley 1 Chelsea 1
Result: Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

(7) Newcastle vs Wolverhampton
Both teams have been unpredictable this season. Wolves have a better manager, better players and lose fewer games. However, if the Toon score first they could hang on for a badly needed three points.
This was pretty much exactly what happened.
Prediction: Newcastle 1 Wolves 1. Draw
Result: Newcastle 1 Wolves 1. Draw

(8) Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
Arsenal went 2-0 up and scored a perfectly good goal to win it in injury time ruled out by VAR. Xhaka, the Arsenal captatin, should never wear the shirt again. Arsenal does not seem to be a happy club. Palace will be safe and will finish mid-table.
Prediction: Arsenal 3 Palace 1. Home win.
Result: Arsenal 2 Palace 2. Draw.

(9) Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur
Liverpool were magnificent. They got off to the worst possible start conceding a goal after forty seconds. However, they took control and game Spurs a footballing lesson. Football 365 demonstrated how much Liverpool were on top “from the 25th minute to the 31st minute Liverpool had six shots, four of which were on target. They had 94% possession and 90% pass completion rate. Spurs completed 1pass in that time.” Spurs are a good team, and they were unlucky not to go two up when they hit the crossbar in the second half. However, this Spurs team seems to be at the end of their life-cycle.
Prediction: Liverpool 3 Spurs 1. Home win.
Prediction: Liverpool 2 Spurs 1. Home win.

(10) Norwich City vs Manchester United
Norwich were disappointing, but this was a good result for Utd. Unbelievably Utd were given two penalties by VAR. Both were hard to justify, in particular, the one given to James. Is there a more annoying footballer in the league than James? The amount of time he spends on the ground is ridiculous.
Prediction: Norwich 1 Man Utd 1. Draw.
Result: Norwich 1 Utd 3. Away win.


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