Review of Premier League Game week 9

Not a bad week of predications. 6 out of 10 correct.

(1) Everton vs West Ham
Prediction: Everton 2 West Ham 1. Home win.
Result: Everton 2 West Ham 0. Home win.
Although they didn’t get the second goal, to wrap the game up, until the 90th minute, Everton were well worthy of their victory. The Goodison Park faithful will be hoping they have turned the corner. So too will their manager who was under immense pressure before this came but whose players seemed to play for him.

(2) Aston Villa vs Brighton
Prediction: Villa 3 Brighton 2. Home win.
Result: Villa 2 Brighton 1. Home win.
Another last-minute winner was enough for Villa to take all three points. This result takes the Birmingham side up to 12th place in the league.

(3) Tottenham vs Watford
Prediction: Spurs 4 Watford 1. Home win.
Result: Spurs 1 Watford 1. Draw.
Spurs were dreadful. They conceded early, and it took them until the 86th minute to get the equalizer through Dele Alli. It’s impossible to know which Spurs team is going to turn up. On this showing, they look to be a side in real trouble. Watford looked to have improved, but Spurs were so poor it’s difficult to judge the Watford performance.

(4) Wolves vs Southampton
Prediction: Wolves 2 Southampton 1. Home win.
Result: Wolves 1 Southampton 1. Draw.
A draw was always a possibility here, and so it proved. Both sides should be reasonably happy with the result.

(5) Chelsea vs Newcastle
Prediction: Chelsea 2 Newcastle 2. Draw.
Result: Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0. Home win.
Chelsea did the unthinkable and kept a clean sheet, although this is a Newcastle attack that will struggle for goals.

(6) Bournemouth vs Norwich City
Prediction: Bournemouth 0 vs Norwich City 0. Draw.
Result: Bournemouth 0 Norwich 0. Draw.
Both sides cancelled each other out. Although both will have pencilled this game in as a potential three points, both teams will take the point.

(7) Leicester City vs Burnley
Prediction: Leicester 3 Burnley 0. Home win.
Result: Leicester 2 Burnley 1. Home win.
Leicester had to come from behind to beat Burnley. A 74th-minute goal continued their good start to the season.

(8) Crystal Palace vs Man City
Prediction: Palace 1 City 4. Away win.
Result: Palace 0 City 2. Away win.
A routine away win for City. The game was over by half time.

(9) Man Utd vs Liverpool
Prediction: Utd 0 Liverpool 2. Away win.
Result: Utd 1 Liverpool 1. Draw
Playing football the “Man Utd way” of five defenders and two holding midfielders all-around their own box was enough for Utd to be able to frustrate Liverpool for most of the game. The referee was poor. Liverpool didn’t play well but still created the best chances and should have won the game.

(10) Sheffield Utd vs Arsenal
Prediction: Sheffield Utd 2 Arsenal 1. Home win.
Result: Sheffield Utd 1 Arsenal 0. Home win.
Arsenal being Arsenal. Arsenal don’t like to travel. Especially anywhere up north.


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