Premier League Preview 18th October 2019

The Premier League is back after the latest international break. We can all now get back to some decent football about which we care. Of course, we love the Internationals during the big tournaments in the summer. Once the Premier League has finished, we can really get behind our national team and enjoy international football. However, the two-week break from Premier League action in September, October and November feels like a form of penance as our nation plays out another 1-1 draw with another former Soviet Republic.
As a Liverpool fan, this has been a particularly hard two weeks as we have won the first eight games of the season and three of our next four games are against some of our biggest rivals. Man City and Spurs await in the near future but this Sunday the Red’s play Manchester United. There is no doubt that this is the biggest game this week and therefore deserves its own post.
However, there are some other exciting games this weekend. It is a particularly tricky weekend to try and pick results for a bet.

(1) Everton vs West Ham
Both of these clubs harbour ambitions of breaking into the top six. Some of their more enthusiastic supporters are even hoping for Champions League football by breaking into the top four. While West Ham, although in 8th position, can be reasonably happy with their start to the season the toffees are at crisis point as they find themselves in the relegation zone. This game could be the one where the Everton attack begins to show its worth.
Prediction: Everton 2 West Ham 1. Home win.

(2) Aston Villa vs Brighton
These two sides are expected to struggle this season, and many people have predicted that both could find themselves in the bottom three come the end of the campaign. However, both teams have two wins from their first eight games and have already given their fans reason to be cheer, and both have reason to be optimistic going into the weekend. The atmosphere at Villa Park could be enough to get win number three.
Prediction: Villa 3 Brighton 2. Home win.

(3) Tottenham vs Watford
This result should be a banker. Spurs have way too much quality for Watford. On their day it could be 6-0. However, will that Spurs show up? Or, will it be the Spurs whose manager is desperate for the Madrid or the Man Utd job and whose players are not talking to each other? On the other hand its Watford! They have already sacked one manager, and after seeing them against City, I give them no chance.
Prediction: Spurs 4 Watford 1. Home win.

(4) Wolves vs Southampton
Not too bothered by this game. Two teams should be safe. I expected more from Southampton this season because their manager looked like he knew what he was doing last season, but they have had a mixed start. Wolves are a good team and have an excellent manager. They have ambitions to be a top-six team but have had a disappointing start. They should be too good for the Saints.
Prediction: Wolves 2 Southampton 1. Home win.

(5) Chelsea vs Newcastle
This game has draw written all over it. Newcastle, although buoyed by their victory over United, are very short on quality while Chelsea are having a rollercoaster season. Lampard has his team playing an exciting brand of football. However, they are naive and tend to run out of steam.
Prediction: Chelsea 2 Newcastle 2. Draw.

(6) Bournemouth vs Norwich City
I also have little interest in this game. Both teams are praised for playing attractive football and its a game that should produce goals. However, counterintuitively, I think they will cancel each other out for a scoreless draw.
Prediction: Bournemouth 0 vs Norwich City 0. Draw.

(7) Leicester City vs Burnley
The home team seem to have genuine aspirations of a top-six finish. They have a good manager, some quality players and they play a good brand of football. Burnley have started well. They will finish mid-table. This game is one from which they will get zero points.
Prediction: Leicester 3 Burnley 0. Home win.

(8) Crystal Palace vs Man City
The Eagle’s have made an impressive start to the season. In fact, they also had an excellent end to last season, so it seems like they are well worth their current 6th place position. However, they won’t finish in the top 6 and City, although they have injury worries and their manager may be distracted by political events in Catalunya, will be one of the teams to take all three points.
Prediction: Palace 1 City 4. Away win.

(9) Man Utd vs Liverpool
I don’t bet on Liverpool as I do not want to jinx them in any way. Liverpool should be way too strong for a poor Utd team. I have a full preview of this game in a different post.
Prediction: Utd 0 Liverpool 2. Away win.

(10) Sheffield Utd vs Arsenal
Arsenal don’t like to travel, but they do have Aubameyang who is an incredible striker. However, they also have Luiz, so that gives the gutsy Sheffield team a chance to take all three points.
Prediction: Sheffield Utd 2 Arsenal 1. Home win.

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